“Ready to Assemble” Frame Instructions


Your frame will arrive to you in 4 pieces which have been precision cut at the proper angle, along with dovetail notches cut on the back side of each piece.


Lay all 4 pieces out on a flat surface in the shape of the frame.  For frames with different height and width, make sure the same length of pieces are parallel with each other.


Locate the plastic dovetail plugs provided with your frame.  Depending on the type of frame you ordered, there may be different lengths of plugs for different lengths of notches in the frame.


Put a small bead of wood glue on the cut side of one edge, then connect the adjoining leg by gently inserting the plastic plug into the dovetail notch. (The plugs will require a bit of pressure to fully insert into the frame.  In some cases, tapping lighting on the plugs with a small hammer may be necessary)



- Repeat steps until frame is fully assembled.


- Gently flip frame over so it is lying flat on its back. Ensure the corners are tight and even, and then proceed to wipe off any excess glue that may have squeezed out during assembly.

** For taller frames, such as Floater Frames, some customers find it easier to assemble one corner at a time, ensuring that the individual corner is lined up properly, then letting the glue dry before moving to the next corner. This allows you to ensure each corner is lined up as perfectly as possible.




Allow the frame with the glue to setup at least 1 hour.  It is important to note that the glue when fully cured is the main strength of the frames assembly, the dovetail notches are primarily a means of helping to align the frame during the assembly process.


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