1381 - 1 3/16" Flat Pewter Stella Frame

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Enter the size of the Art you are framing, the frame will be manufactured to accept this size of art. Questions? Call us at 727-572-4064.

Blackened with smoky smudges to give it an ashy appearance, the 1 3/16” flat face of this custom frame moulding with a 1/2” rabbet depth has a rugged tinge inspired by modern industrialization.

This frame is also available in white silver #1378, silver #1380, gold #1379, and bronze #1382. This profile is also available in a wider version #1392.

Width: 1 3/16"

Rabbet Depth: 1/2 "

Color Family: Black

You can order Acrylic, Foamboard, and Matboard for this frame under the "Framing Supplies" menu.